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The Worst LinkedIn Bios EVER: Part One


What does your LinkedIn profile summary say about you? Do you blow your own trumpet? Do you underestimate your workplace achievements? Do you refer to yourself in the 3rd person? Well, whatever you choose to say about yourself, I can pretty much guarantee you will not be capable of outshining the wordsmanship of the following LinkedIn users, and the way they have decided to depict themselves and their professional capabilities!

Yes, with the help of the ‘LinkedIn: Outloud’ Tumblr blog, we have cherry-picked a selection of real quotations, written by real people, on their very real LinkedIn profile summaries! And believe me when I shy, that each and every one of these LinkedIn users, is not backwards about coming forwards!

So sit back and enjoy part one people, you’re in for a real treat:

“I’m a sculptor”:

worst linkedin bios

“I’m an addict”:

worst linkedin bios

“I answer to Mr.Customer”:

worst linkedin bios

“i don’t believe in capital letters but i do believe in miracles”:

worst linkedin bios

“I’m the perfect choice”:

worst linkedin bios

“I’m not one for titles”:

worst linkedin bios

“I make sales calls…when I damn well feel like it”:

worst linkedin bios

“I’ve stayed loyal to JC united”:

worst linkedin bios

“I’m guts with data wrapped in simple beauty”:

Guts with data

“I’m an inspiration”:

I am an inspiration

“I’m better than this”:

Mad skills

“I work harder than you”:

I work harder


Join us next Friday, when we’ll be unveiling Part Two of The Worst LinkedIn Bios EVER! But until then, Happy Friday Recruiters!!!!

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