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5 easy ways to maximise your learning today

New skills are great – it’s just the diligence, time and patience to learn them that often holds us back. Right? Wrong. What if we told you that it’s actually less about what you learn, and more about how you learn. Here are five tips to help you maximise your learning today.

maximise your learning

1.  Make it bitesize

Do you find sitting down to do hours and hours of reading difficult and tiring? Of course you do! Learning is actually most effective when regularly consumed in small lumps. Regular breaks help your brain absorb the knowledge, rather than tire from over-absorption. That’s exactly why you’ll never find a SocialTalent video more than 4 minutes long!

2. Make it a regular habit

If we’ve already agreed learning is more effective in small chunks, then this point should be easier to implement. Regular habitual learning also helps with retention. In this study, it was shown that people who learnt how to juggle increased the grey matter in their brain, but as soon as they stopped practicing, it disappeared. So keep practicing and adding to your skills to retain them effectively.

maximise your learning

3. Make it fun!

Did you ever use mnemonics, or memory aids at school? These little rhymes or silly phrases were fun and simple hacks to help something stick in the brain. Well, these work because you’re using fun, silly, crazy (and even rude!) rhymes or phrases which stick in the brain to help you to remember things. Making things fun or different makes them more appealing, which in turn, makes them more memorable. So, let out your inner child and get colourful, creative and cheeky!

4. Make it fit into your lifestyle

It’s all well and good talking about making new habits, but if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle easily, keeping up with your learning will be hard. That’s why with SocialTalent, we’ve developed a mobile app, so that you can keep up with your learning on your bus commute, at the dentist’s waiting room, or anywhere where you have a few free minutes.

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maximise your learning

5. Share your knowledge

Knowledge might be power, but sharing it is another tried and tested way to effectively retain your valuable learning. Learning something for yourself is where you absorb information, but to communicate it to someone else requires a different part of your brain to find, interpret and re-communicate your knowledge to someone else. This process solidifies the knowledge in your brain – why do you think classrooms are so full of presentations?

Learning is different for everyone, and so it’s important to find out what works best for you, but these universal tricks will help your maximise your learning today! We’re obsessed with learning at SocialTalent, and have the world’s largest library of learning content specifically created for those in the world of recruitment, talent acquisition and human resources. If you’d like to see how we can help your team achieve hiring excellence, get in touch today!

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