How to: Increase Diversity Through Improved Recruitment and Hiring Processes (FREE Download)

Diversity is one of the biggest and most important issues facing our industry today. Many large companies have been busy recruiting Diversity & Inclusion Officers and Head’s of Diversity to tackle the issue and putting extensive training in place to educate staff, while several Government’s worldwide have recently put legislation in place to ensure organisations start facing up to their diversity discrepancies.

The issue of diversity is not a passing fad. It is ongoing and all important, and something which all recruiters should be taking into consideration not just those recruiting for large tech and engineering firms. However, there is still much mystery which surrounds the topic for recruiters: Why is it so important? Who is in charge of it? What is this “unconscious bias” we keep hearing about? How do we know if our hiring practices are being compromised by unconscious bias? And more importantly, what specific actions can we take to improve diversity right now?

Today, we’re releasing a e-book to help solve some of those mysteries for you. In it, we’ll help you understand what unconscious bias is, how unconscious bias affects the recruitment processes, what the different types of bias a recruiter can have are, and we’ll also give you 5 things you can do right now to improve diversity hiring processes in your organisation.

We want to make diversity hiring as easy and as painless as humanly possible so that more and more organisations will start to implement this way of hiring full time. It’s time to embrace diversity!

So, here it is! Packed with practical advice and free to download, this is How to: Increase Diversity Through Improved Recruitment and Hiring Processes. All you need to do to get it is fill in your details below: