How to: Recruit Tech Pros on Twitter (FREE Download)

If you want to recruit tech pros, you need to think like a tech pro. Their definition of a professional network is somewhere like Github, Stack Overflow, Dribble or Behance. This is where you’ll discover who they are, what they’re working on and the skills they have. You won’t discover this information on LinkedIn alone.

However, most tech recruiters aren’t tech pros themselves and would get lost in the likes of a Stack Overflow thread talking about the merits of Ajax Vs PHP! And trust us, there’s nothing worse than a tech recruiter pretending they’re all down and hip with the latest tech lingo in a forum purely for developers or designers! No matter, my trusty tech recruiter, there is a common ground and its name is Twitter. Forget the phone or email, Twitter is the default preferred method of communication when it comes to tech pros.

Great recruiters maintain a strong, credible personal brand on Twitter, they know how to find people when they need them and, when they reach out to chat with a potential candidate, their existing, credible footprint gives them authority and ensures that other users engage with them.

We’ve created a e-book that will specifically teach you how to maintain and build that personal brand on Twitter, how to market your tech jobs on Twitter and how to communicate with tech pros on Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Simply enter your details and we’ll send you our e-book: