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Changing the UX of the Inbox: 10 Lessons from sending 1 million emails to recruiters

Email remains the default mode of communication in business. When I started Recruiting Brainfood, I wanted to change how we experience it. This short talk is a collection of lessons from sending over 1 million emails to the recruitment community - what works, what doesn't, how to get attention, how to build audience and how to change the UX of the inbox.

Hung Lee

Curator and Co-Founder

Recruiting Brainfood and

Hung Lee is the founder and CEO of the award winning recruiting platform For over fifteen years, he has been at the forefront of developing and promoting new ways for enterprises to connect to talent. Hung’s experience spans the spectrum of the hiring world, from strategically advising rapid growth in the London Tech Startup scene to holding positions like Internal head of talent and recruitment manager. He also runs the essential Recruiting Brainfood blog, a must-read for hiring industry professionals.

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