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Do You Lie on Your Résumé? (Infographic)

Have your candidates been telling little white lies or big, fat porky pies? Surely not?! Well, in an online survey by, 26.5% (over a quarter) of respondents said they had lied on their CV in the past, or would do so in future, and a whopping 70% of college students said they would lie on their CV to secure the job they want.

So how can we recruiters be sure that what our candidates are saying is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Read on to find out:
Resume Lie Statistics

The Lies People Tell to Get a Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Top Takeaways:

  • 53% of resumes and job applications have contained falsifications
  • An embellished skill set is the most common type of resume lie told by job seekers.
  • Unfortunately, resume lies aren’t just a basic job phenomenon. 63% of health care workers have lied about their skills, as have 73% of financial services employees.
  • Men consistently rate their past performance at work, 30% higher than it really was.
  • Resume fraud cost employers approx. $600 million a year.
  • The problem has worsened in the last 3 years. Almost 40% HR professionals now spend more time checking references to ensure candidates are telling the truth.
  • If you’d like more information on how to spot CV discrepancies like fake employment references, click here to read our dedicated blog post.

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