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LinkedIn retires Intro

Although the product was only realised 6 months ago “to bring the power of LinkedIn to your email inbox on your iPhone“, LinkedIn already have retirement plans for “Intro”, their Rapportive-esque ‘hack’ for your Apple mail. LinkedIn Intro will be officially shut down as of March 7th 2014 and users can already uninstall it and switch back to their previous mail accounts.

Why have they dropped it? To focus on other products apparently. On the official LinkedIn blog, Deep Nishar wrote: “This year, LinkedIn is committing to the concept of focus more than ever. We are making large, long-term investments on a few big bets, and in order to ensure their success, we need to concentrate on fewer things.” Users of Intro can however, continue to use Rapportive within their desktop Gmail accounts.

The Future’s Bright: LinkedIn purchase

Intro may be gone but the future still looks Bright for LinkedIn. Yes, the professional network have purchased for $120 million (LinkedIn’s biggest purchase to date).

But what exactly is Bright? In a nutshell, Bright uses a specific algorithm to match job seekers with employers. Will this product be available to every LinkedIn member? No. Bright’s match capabilities will only be available to users with paid Recruiter accounts.

Matchy, matchy

Irasel based is a new semantic matching website that aims to match job seekers with the perfect job. All you need to do is create a vacancy, fill in the details of the spec including the type of personality you feel would suit the role and the system will find the perfect employee for you from it’s own database and LinkedIn’s database. The technology looks great and although there aren’t enough candidates currently uploaded on the site to really tell if the functionality is great yet, this site is definitely one to watch! growth for the first time in 2 years has posted its first quarter on quarter growth for 2 years, signalling a return to strength for the website. Alomng with the good news, Monster’s CEO hinted at a new product announcement in May that will mean employers won’t have to go anywhere else for their hiring needs. He also hinted that this would not necessarily be a significant revenue generator. Our belief is that they may announce a super smart social aggregator like Dice’s OpenWeb, but perhaps with their SixthSense technology bolted on to match the perfect candidate from anywhere on the web, from Monster or within your ATS. LinkedIn, you are on notice!

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