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8 Smart Ways To Beat The Winter Blues At Work

Jon Snow has been kindly reminding us that winter is coming for quite some time now. The chronic coughing and the sniffles n’ sneezes are probably echoing through your office as we speak. Tissues have become a life necessity and lemsip has probably replaced your morning coffee. That’s right folks, these are all a real sign that winter is officially here. Temperatures are low and at times, it feels like your living in complete darkness.

In an attempt to help rid of the blues and lift your spirits, we’ve picked 10 ways you can ease your mid-winter doldrums. It’s time to bring back that smile of yours!

1. Eat Smarter

It can be hard to eat right during the winter months, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Your winter ‘bod’ is probably coming along nicely and you’ve been probably pigging out more than usual. Don’t worry – we all do it! The odd unhealthy snack is allowed, but try to mix your diet up and eat lots of food that contains Vitamin B (chicken & fruit).

2. Plan a Holiday

What better way to cure the winter blues than planning a nice getaway for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, every holiday can’t be 2 weeks long (sigh!), but there are some beautiful cities you can visit for a weekend break. Sometimes a 2 day break is enough to give you some headspace. Pick somewhere warm!

3. Secret Santa

For me, winter is just a slow build up to the penultimate event – Christmas. Christmas comes once a year but it seems to be creeping its way in earlier each year. The minute Halloween has ended, then straight up goes the Christmas trees. To get yourself in the Christmas spirit, why not bring your festive vibes into work by organising a secret santa with your co-workers. Who doesn’t enjoy getting presents?

4. Hold Offsite Meetings

The days are too short to be staying indoors on a winters day. Why not mix things up when meeting with a client by bringing them somewhere different. Grab a bite to eat, or catch up over a coffee – at least the scenery will be different as opposed to a drab boardroom.

5. Get Exercising!

Throw on some of those extra layers and get moving! Winter time can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise, but I promise you that you’ll feel better afterwards. A simple 20-minute jog will clear the head and it’s proven to be great for your mental health.

6. Go Out For Lunch

There’s nothing wrong with bringing in your home cooked lunch, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself. Again, popping out for lunch is another way of getting out of the workplace for an hour and it can give you some much needed ‘me’ time. Why not grab a friend and bring them with you! Nom Nom Nom…

7. Start Planning for The New Year

For anyone working in a busy work environment, it’s extra important to be organised. Planning for the future is something we live by here at SocialTalent. Define your life and work goals or whatever it is that feeds into your aspirations. No dream is ever too big, but it takes a lot of planning and determination for dreams to come true. My advice – start planning now!

8. Shop For a Christmas Jumper/Sweater

If there’s one thing we love here at SocialTalent, it’s a good Christmas jumper. You’d want to be a right ol’ Scrooge not to wear one! On the plus side, there’s now a Christmas jumper day and this year, it lands on December 13th. Not only can you show off your snazzy new Christmas jumper, but you can also donate to charity at the same time. Make it a worthy cause!

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