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Your role as a manager means delivering results through your people, but your people need development and guidance on their career to deliver those results. In this Learning Path learn from career guru Dr Beverly Kaye on how to deliver real career coaching success.
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Internal Mobility
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Beverly Kaye
SocialTalent Expert
Beverly Kaye
SocialTalent Expert
Dr. Beverly Kaye is recognized internationally as a professional dedicated to helping individuals, managers, and organizations understand the practical “how-to” principles of employee development, engagement, and retention.​

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Learning Path you will be able to:
Use strategic networking to grow your professional brand.
Implement strategies to retain talent.
Support your team in navigating their career.
Conduct regular “Stay” interviews with your people to learn what will make them stay.
Discuss talent hoarding and its consequences.

Missions in this Learning Path

Your professional brand is made up of your professional reputation and your professional network, but are you fully aware of what your reputation is amongst your colleagues? Are you strategic in your networking to build key connections that you can leverage in your career? Designed for people leaders, this mission with Bev Kaye will show you how to take control of your professional brand, as well as support your team members in building theirs.
Have you heard the expression, "people don't leave companies, they leave managers"? Your role as a manager is critical to the success of your people and whether or not they'll stay, but there are important behaviours that you must employ with every member of your team. Join best-selling author Bev Kaye, as she takes you through the A-Z of talent retention: 26 simple strategies for you to deploy to retain top talent.
The age of internal mobility is here - promotions still form part of that mix, but there are multiple directions that employees can take to navigate their career in your organisation apart from Up, especially as there aren’t enough promotions to go around to everyone. This mission by Bev Kaye is designed for people managers, where you’ll learn how to support your team in navigating their career with far more options than promotions, and sponsor opportunities for growth and development of all of your employees.
You’ve heard of Exit Interviews, but by the time you’re conducting an exit interview with your great team member, it’s too late to get them to stay. Instead, you can hold regular “Stay” interviews with your people to learn what will make them stay, and demonstrate that you care about them. Learn how to conduct Stay Interviews with Bev Kaye.
Talent hoarding is defined as when a manager keeps talent on their team for longer than is good for the company or the employee. This has become one of the most significant barriers to internal mobility and retention. In this mission, Dr. Bev Kaye will show you the importance of shifting from talent hoarding to talent sharing.

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