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The best recruiters don’t just fill open positions - they’re expert advisors to hiring managers and businesses. With this, an innovative and compulsory new skill-set has emerged for recruiters.

This is skill-set is pioneered by John Vlastelica. As the founder of Recruiting Toolbox, John consults with companies like Google, SAP and Starbucks, helping them to tackle their most critical recruiting problems.

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Becoming an expert Hiring Manager starts here

Are you ready to become an expert hiring managers? Our hiring manager training will give you the insights and strategies needed to make real change in the hiring process.Make yourself indispensable and watch your career skyrocket!

Our Hiring Manager training is perfect for recruiters who want to…

  • Influence hiring managers
  • Create a great recruiting culture
  • Build an expert hiring strategy
  • Make a real impact in the full hiring process

Our comprehensive training:

Includes dedicated missions on developing productive working relationships with hiring managers for maximum business benefit.

talent advising


episode 1: engaging talent; what we'll cover

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The SocialTalent platform offers over 120 hours of hyper-relevant recruitment training served in short, precise videos which you can access on desktop or mobile.

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