Hiring Manager training

Enable your hiring managers' capability around talent attraction, inclusion and diversity, interviewing skills and more.

What's the point in great recruiters without enabled hiring managers?

Hiring excellence is achieved by aligning hiring teams, from talent acquisition right through to hiring managers. We provide on-demand training to build the world's best hiring teams.

Why do all these companies trust the SocialTalent platform?

Achieving hiring excellence in your organisation

Our on-demand Hiring Manager training covers everything from interviewing skills, D&I, talent attraction and much more.

It will provide the insights, strategies and knowledge needed to effect real change in your hiring process and beyond.

Our Hiring Manager training will help you:

  • Create truly aligned hiring teams
  • Avoid bias and illegal practices
  • Create fast and effective processes
  • Drive a great candidate experience
  • Reduce unforced attrition
  • Hire diverse talent and build an inclusive environment
  • Support TA with talent attraction efforts
  • Help create a environment of belonging for diverse talent

Create personalised learning paths

Interviewing training, diversity and inclusion or legal best practice - we can tailor your hiring managers' learning paths to suit their needs.

talent advising


episode 1: engaging talent; what we'll cover

Want to develop your Hiring Managers?

The SocialTalent platform offers over 180 hours of training for hiring teams. Delivered in short, bitesize videos, accessible on desktop or mobile.

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