Interviewer training

Train your hiring managers to make the
best hiring decisions for your company

Interviewer training

Align your interviewers and hiring managers in order to create an interview process that guarantees successful hires. Learn to define a solid hiring criteria and establish effective screening and interviewing techniques that will have a positive impact on your entire hiring process.

Our interviewer training programme will equip your company with the skills and knowledge to identify great from good. You’ll create a faster, more aligned process and hire better talent.


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Presented by your expert, John Vlastelica

A former recruiting director at Amazon, John has trained hiring managers and interviewers at brands like PepsiCo,, Starbucks, ESPN, Autodesk, Amazon and more.

Learn to:

  • Define your hiring criteria
  • Apply situational and behavioural techniques
  • Avoid bias and illegal practices
  • Create a great interview process
  • Make great hiring decisions
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Expected outcomes from our interviewer training:

  • Creation of a successful interviewing strategy
  • Faster hiring decisions
  • Better quality hires
  • Aligned hiring teams
  • Great candidate experience
  • Better conversion ratios

We believe hiring is a job for the whole organisation.

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