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Help your Hiring Managers make the right hiring decisions for your company

Your Presenter: John Vlastelica

How can you help your interviewing teams make great hires? What techniques should your interviewers and hiring managers leverage to predict on the job success at your company? To hire the best talent, you need a well-defined hiring bar, aligned hiring teams, skilled interviewers, an effective, inclusive process and confident, quality hiring decisions. This course will teach your interviewers and hiring managers how they can create the kind of interviewing process - from defining their hiring criteria, through screening, interviewing, deciding and selling top talent - to get the top talent you need.

Delivered by JOHN VLASTELICA (Founder at Recruiting Toolbox). John and his team have trained hiring managers, interviewers, and recruiters at amazing companies around the world, including clients such as PepsiCo,, Starbucks, ESPN, Autodesk, Amazon, Yahoo!, and Pokemon.

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Make Better Hiring Decisions

This means leaving aside the traditional interview techniques that candidates know to expect. Our interviewer training programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to tell great from good. You’ll create faster, more aligned processes and hire the talent that delivers.

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This Hiring Manager training is accessed via our industry-leading recruitment specific learning platform. We can tailor the content and the look and feel of the platform to make this a bespoke solution for your company. The content is delivered in short instructional videos that can be accessed via desktop or mobile so that your team can learn wherever and whenever they want to.

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