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How to give great feedback to candidates

Deliver constructive and meaningful feedback to candidates to leave a great impression.

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Nick Johnston - Recruitment Expert

Nick Johnston

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Great feedback enables great recruitment. It allows us to make valid hiring decisions and it’s a key element for a positive candidate experience. But what does great feedback look like? In this mission by Nick Johnston, you will learn how to gather, write, prepare and deliver feedback. Nick will share tools to improve candidate experience with feedback, as well as some of the typical problems and how to solve them.


Nick Johnston

With over 20 years experience working in HR, Nick has a deep expertise in talent. He has worked in different sectors, business models, geographies, cultures and economic climates. He uses his experience enable people and leverage technology to help business recruit better.

Nick Johnston - Recruitment Expert

Course Preview

In this Course you’ll learn...

Setting the Baseline

Before delivering feedback, you must know the difference between good and bad. Learn how to effectively set where the line is.

Gathering and Writing Feedback

Learn the best methods of gathering your feedback effectively.

Delivering Feedback Effectively

Learn how to deliver feedback in an empathetic and effective manner.

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