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How to: Remove a LinkedIn Contact

You’ve probably done it on Facebook and you’ve definitely done it on Twitter, but have you ever removed a LinkedIn contact?

I myself have performed a Facebook “friend” cull after one too many primary school “friends” annoying dessert Instagrams began clogging up my newsfeed, I’ve also had to unfollow many’s the annoying celebrity on Twitter (do you know how many times Rihanna tweets a day? Too many!) but I’ve never gotten rid of a LinkedIn connection. Why? Well I’ve never had any reason to. I’m on good terms with former bosses and the vast majority of my connections are relevant to my current industry and my job.

However, you may wish to disconnect from an old boss, dud candidates, an ex-spouse(s), primary/secondary school friends, old teachers or lecturers, irrelevant connections gathered through tangent network growth, the list is endless.

So what do you need to do to rid your network of these hangers on?:

1. On your home screen, select ‘Network‘ and choose ‘Contacts‘ from the drop down.

2. In the search box, type the first name of the connection you are looking to get rid of and press Enter.

3. A list of all your connections with that first name will appear. Select the person you wish to disconnect from, click the ‘More‘ option and select ‘Remove Connection‘.


And you’re done. Now you never have to speak to them ever again.

Well, at least on LinkedIn anyway!

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