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Building a culture of continuous learning to drive hiring excellence globally

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Hiring over 10,000 employees a year, this global technology company needed to ensure its talent acquisition teams were aligned and performing. Empowering them with the skills and knowledge to excel at every aspect of hiring was crucial.


SocialTalent learning was rolled out to every TA team. As the knowledge and skills base improved, this company looked to increase group engagement and embed a culture of continuous learning.

"If you want to be unique and attract top talent, SocialTalent will enable you to train your whole TA team and give you the right competitive advantage to win in competitive markets."​ Vice President, Talent​ Global Technology Company

Business Impact

After rolling out SocialTalent, this tech company saw an impact at individual, team and business level. The TA teams are now taking a more consultative approach to hiring and standardized performance drives better results across all markets. Alongside this, candidate experience improved and a culture of learning was established.

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