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10 Little White Lies EVERY Recruiter Tells

white lies

We’ve found ourselves uttering at least one of these in our recruitment careers…

“Apologies, the hiring manager has been out of the office unexpectedly”

– he’s been avoiding me/totally forgot about you, and it’s taken me a week to corner him for feedback.

white lies


“I’m afraid all my late afternoon slots are gone…”

– Dude, at 5:30pm I want to go home, I don’t want to interview you.

white lies


“I’m so sorry, I put our phone call on my calendar for tomorrow instead of today…”

– I’m a dope and can’t read a calendar today.

white lies


“I’ll discuss your CV with the Hiring Manager and let you know”

– You have zero chances of progressing in this process, but I can’t bring myself to crush all your hopes and dreams just yet.

white lies


“Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, your email went straight into my spam folder”

– My inbox is a disaster and I’m only getting to emails I received 10 days ago now…

white lies


“Do you want to have a quick chat?”

– I need a full 30-40 mins of your time and need you to be fully prepped for all the questions I have to ask you.

white lies


“I’m really sorry, but we just don’t think that this role would be suitable for someone with your talents.”

– You’d be terrible at this job.

white lies


“So, how much are you looking for?”

– Please God I hope we can afford you!

white lies


“There’s a chance you might be made permanent.”

– We only hire contractors for this role, but we need you to work the whole 11 months of your contract…

white lies


“No, I absolutely did not forget about you, I was out sick”

– I completely forgot about you.

white lies


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