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SocialTalent Customer Spotlight: Laura Le Masurier

Welcome to our customer spotlight series, where we introduce you to some of the incredible customers who have used the SocialTalent learning platform. We’re excited to share the success stories of our customers to inspire and motivate others. By highlighting these achievements, we aim to showcase the real-world impact of SocialTalent and how we can help others reach their goals. Join us in celebrating these milestones and let them fuel your own journey toward success.

Today, we’re going to meet Laura Le Masurier. Laura is the Senior Manager of Global Talent Acquisition at SES Satellites!

How Did You First Hear About Our Learning Platform?

I used it around 7 years ago in another company, and then here at SES Satellites my colleague Irina said we should check it out as she joined the team, and the platform has evolved greatly since I last used it, so we took some licenses out and gave it a spin. Absolutely no regrets!

Laura’s Learning

I have completed several, as have the team including Tech Recruiting and Talent Advising and just now I am soon to complete the TA Leadership course.

Your Platform Experience

The platform is excellent, easy to navigate and use on the go or at specifically booked focus time, and of course who doesn’t love gaining a digital badge!? We love that the learning is in bitesize videos so there’s always time to fit something in, and each full segment is not too long. The quizzes at the end help to ensure you absorb and retain the information and the subject matter is incredibly relevant and simple to build into your day-to-day as a sourcer, recruiter or function leader.

Applying New Skills

I have really enjoyed the courses, they have taught me some great methods as a TA leader to help grow the whole function into an advisory capacity. My team are operating at a higher level and the feedback I receive from the business shows this. Our team uses many skills directly gained from the courses including evolving our kick-off calls and framing our work around the hiring manager’s worldview and currency to gain their commitment to the process.

Recently I have been using the Hiring Manager Maturity Model to create some training with L&D specifically for Hiring Managers with a digital badging system as they move through the ranks up to a Talent Champion. I am also working to embed the importance of inclusive and proactive recruitment partnerships as an expectation in all hiring manager job descriptions moving forward. I have also created a DEI vision for 2024 with many of the action points taken directly from content I learned on the platform; wording on job descriptions for example, and framing the increase in TTH around building muscle with concrete examples I can take from the platform at how this has been successful for companies.

Success Stories

I created a recruitment framework for the business which creates speed, quality, and diversity across recruitment and keeps the TA team safe from burnout. The framework is clear and structured so that every stakeholder understands their specific role in the talent partnership, what they are specifically accountable for, WHY, and the importance of the candidate journey no matter the outcome. Since dropping the framework in February this year, our time to hire has halved. 

My colleagues Natalia and Harish have created a Hiring Manager Guide, like a recruitment bible for hiring managers, and Natalia and I are now together with L&D creating training to complement the guide. The framework and methods have seen our partnerships thrive not only with hiring managers, but with wider People & Culture teams and this is visible through the discussions we are invited to, and the additional projects we now have in our scope which see us collaborate with talent management, HRIS, and L&D teams. It’s clear to see that the framework has directly and positively affected outcomes for many at SES Satellites.

Why SocialTalent?

SocialTalent is 100% a yes, it is an easy way to propel your recruitment career forward at pace, no matter if you are brand new to the game or a leader with more than 20 years of experience. This platform has upped our game at SES Satellites, and we are in the throes of executing some pretty awesome visionary topics for 2024, many of which spawned whilst absorbing the incredible content on the SocialTalent platform. It’s a no-brainer, if you want to increase purpose, intent, and of course, speed, quality, and diversity across your recruitment teams then get involved.

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