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Interview Skills: Predicting Success for Recruiters

Learn the basic formula of interviewing effectively and gaining the information your hiring manager needs to know.

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Talent Advising Expert John Vlastelica

John Vlastelica

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The most critical soft skill we can have in our arsenal as recruiters is the capability of Interviewing and assessing candidates, getting evidence that they meet or don’t meet our hiring criteria, so that we can empower our Hiring Managers in making the best hiring decision. Hiring Managers want speed and quality from us in Recruiting. This means we must effectively screen candidates, lead the interviewing strategy and process, add value as a capable interviewer, and lead during decision-time so that we’re making evidence-based recruiting decisions. In tandem with our Talent Advisor program with John Vlastelica, John will bring you through the Basic Formula for interviewing, how to get evidence of past and present behaviour to predict future performance, validate achievements and a candidate’s job fit.


John Vlastelica

With over 20 years of recruiting experience, John is a world-leading expert on interviewing, selection. His content will help you become a trusted talent advisor to your hiring managers through helping you to define a solid hiring criteria, and establish effective screening and interviewing techniques.

Talent Advising Expert John Vlastelica

In this Course you’ll learn...

Setting Standards

How to establish key hiring criteria and evaluate candidates against that criteria

Behavioural Interviewing Techniques

How to effectively screen and interview candidates using behavioural and situational-based questions

The Candidate's Experience

The Power of Candidate Experience During Interviews on a Candidate’s Decision to Accept our Offer

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