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How Recruiters Can Identify Successful Salespeople

Identifying successful salespeople

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What Makes a Successful Salesperson?

It’s reported that the average sales turnover rate is 34%. There are many steps that can be taken to improve employee retention, and one of the key factors is identifying the correct talent from the beginning. Will Ryan educates us on the key traits required to become a successful enterprise salesperson. This will help you assess candidates more accurately when hiring for sales positions.

Key Takeaways

The IDEC (Intellect, Drive, Experience, Character) framework helps to identify key qualities that are present in all successful salespeople.

Intellect- Enterprise salespeople can sell extremely complex solutions. They need to make it simple for the customer to understand the function and the potential return on investment for these solutions. It takes great skill and intellect to manage this.

Drive- In some sales organisations, the sales cycle can last over a year. It takes great drive and determination to work towards a goal that may take a long time to achieve. The way they react to adversity during their lengthy deal process is also a telltale sign of their drive to succeed.

Experience- When it comes to screening enterprise sales candidates their experience is a very influential factor. Whether their experience manifests in the product, region, buyer or process can vary, but its value can be a huge asset to your company

Character- A successful salesperson will need to be able to connect with and motivate people both within and outside of their own company. Character goes a long way in determining how well they can build relationships throughout their career


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