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The Future of Agency Recruitment According to The Expert

the future of agency recruitment

By now we’re all comfortable with the idea of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning seeping into the recruitment process. We have list upon list of which tools we should use for what task in work. We’re pretty comfortable with the idea that technology will play a big part in our working lives.

But do we know what role we will play in the future?

Greg Savage has spent his life working in, surveying and improving the recruitment industry. He has seen every major change in the world of recruitment and has mastered each and every one.

As the traditional actions of the recruiter are under threat Savage explains what the future looks like for agency recruiters and how their performance can stand out against the machines.

Stay optimistic

“your job is under threat, but our industry is not under threat”

As someone who has been recruiting since before the internet (he won’t mind me saying that he told me himself) Greg Savage has seen immense changes. All of these changes have been great news for agency recruiters. They have helped people become successful than ever before. From the introduction of the internet to the widespread use of social media and the growth of specific recruitment tools, these changes have been good news for the recruitment industry.

Let the robots do the grunt work

We need to allow technology to take away work that is draining so much of our time.

“We need to ask ourselves; where’s the value in what we do?”

Sourcing is a dying art. Bots can crawl the internet and collect thousands of digital profiles in less time than a human. With the sheer volume of digital information and profiles, people build for themselves online bots will be able to draw up a list of potential candidates in minutes.
Even initial screening can be carried out by robots.

As the tech begins to take over the admin heavy tasks recruiters must ask where is the value in what I do? And how can I start to maximise it? Recruiters need to take control over the tasks that require thought and influence. That is where they cannot be beaten by any machine

Learn to embrace your selling skills

According to Savage, the real value of recruiters will now be in the ability to sell. Many people automatically shy away from this word, they think of cold calling and spamming and shudder at their desks.

Savage wants recruiters to embrace selling in a more sophisticated way. Recruiters must influence and advise the people they work with. They should educate their partners to help them make the best decisions for them and their hiring decisions.

Be part of ‘Generation C’

Don’t worry, Savage isn’t contributing to the generation alphabet for no good reason. Generation C stands for the Connected Generation. This group is not defined by birth year but by their willingness to connect with people.

The modern recruiter needs to be visible and approachable. Building a strong personal brand online is essential but so is meeting people and learning to network. 

Recruiters can have a bad reputation, so it’s critical we make an effort to reverse that. Embracing Generation C can help you build a strong offline brand that will help you generate referrals, recommendations and create meaningful interactions with people that will earn you trust and a great reputation.

Learn MORE from Greg Savage and how you can protect yourself as a recruiter in the new age of technology.


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