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5 Visual Job Descriptions that Every Recruiter can learn from

56% of all external hires are made as a result of someone applying for a job on a job site; whether that’s your own careers page, one of the paid job boards, an agency’s website or one of the free aggregators like Like it or not, your best chance of filling that role you are currently working on is by placing an ad. Most recruiters I know think this is a crazy concept. Ads don’t work. People don’t reply to them anymore. Sure aren’t we all using social media to find and fill jobs these days? The truth is that we actually use headhunters, LinkedIn search and fancy boolean strings to fill the last 20-30% of vacancies; the ones that just won’t get filled by themselves! The question is, are you using these labor intensive and often expensive techniques to fill 60% of your vacancies or just the last 10%. The difference often comes down to the quality of your advertising as a quality ad will arguably make the biggest impact on your overall recruiting efforts. Here’s 5 ideas to inspire you into filling more jobs “the easy way”!

1. Old School meets New Skool Cool (Instagram photo of a handwritten job spec):

Vend Visual Job Spec Marketing

There are two key elements here: the style of the ad (i.e. a photograph rather than a text based file) and the language used. The second element should provide inspiration for everyone out there to write copy that is human and not boring bulletpoints!

2. The traditional job spec “Redux” as an Infographic:

Sodexo Intl HR Manager Visual Job Spec example

This example was produced by Finnish company PintheJob based on a very traditional text based job spec (click here to view the original). It is quite “safe” and corporate, therefore suitable for even the most conservative of employers yet still visually engaging and certainly more likely to elicit a better response than the original text based ad.

3. The Challenge!

Computer Engineer Visual Job Spec Challenge Take a Ticket

We think this is a great example of how you cam combine a simple, traditional help-wanted ad with a challenge that will inspire even the most technically sophisticated candidate into action! For something similar, check out the challenge set by Reddit in this job they posted last year.

4. The Best “Visual” Job Spec ever!

Intercom Ad for Lead Visual Designer

Irish company Intercom wanted to hire someone who “got” visual design so they created an incredible, visually appealing job that sold the company well and provided a really low friction method of engagement, just email us. Brilliant!

And finally, the job advert that we can all immediately learn from as it doesn’t require any fancy graphics or design skills, just some honesty, imagination and humor:

5. The “Tell it Like it is” (with a smile) Job Description: (click here for original)

Lowercase Capital Great Intern Job Spec

In short, these work because:

a) They are different. Being different helps you stand out. Standing out gets you noticed. If the right people notice you, they will apply!

b) We are visual beings. Images stimulate us more than text but if you can write well, text is more memorable!

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Now stop posting jobs and go write an ad and fill your damn jobs!!!

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