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7 Personality Traits That You'll Find In Every Great Recruiter

Recruiting is no easy task, and it, without doubt, takes a certain type of individual to do the job properly. But to be the best you must have certain traits within to succeed. All modern recruiters strive for perfection! A great recruiter will go that extra mile for their client and candidate. A great recruiter will understand their industry inside out!

It can be a stressful job at times, with many buckling under the pressure. However, there are those individuals who strive under pressure, and have the ideal characteristics to be a boss! Here are 7 stand-out traits found in every great recruiter.

1. I’m a good talker, but an even better listener…what’s up?

A great recruiter doesn’t just talk, but listens carefully to both candidate and client.

2. Targets? Let’s knock them out of the ball park!

That recruiter who never backs down from a challenge.

3. Network.Network.Network

You must be the ultimate networker! That means –  meeting new friends and not being afraid to socialise with strangers. You can hold a room.

4. I ain’t backing down from nothing!

You know what’s wrong and what’s right. Standing up for the best interest of your clients is your forte.

5. Let’s just all have fun and get along

The best recruiters know that it’s important to have a work/life balance

6. Never say never!

If you haven’t been told no twenty times then you’ve still got a shot at changing their mind.

7. You care!

Most importantly, a great recruiter cares about their candidates. They wouldn’t steer them wrong and always have their back!


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