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Become a Black Belt in Diversity & Inclusion


Why has diversity and inclusion become a core component of the strategy of every business? Because diverse organisations perform better. Fact.

It has been proven that developing a more diverse team leads to a more enhanced, creative and innovative environment. The biggest challenge associated with increasing diversity is simply finding and attracting the right pool of talent from which to select suitable candidates.

In our new Diversity Ninja programme, Clare Mulligan, Occupational Psychologist, discusses unconscious bias and takes you through the why and how of diversity hiring; Torin Ellis, Diversity Recruiting Expert and thought leader, lends his extensive expertise in how we can make our organizations more inclusive; whilst Johnny Campbell, Chief Sourcing Ninja at Social Talent, provides you with the key sourcing skills to attract and source diverse talent:

On completion of this brand new mission you will:

  • Understand the meaning of diversity and how you can apply it to your organisation.
  • Know how to assess your company for culture and diversity.
  • Understand what unconscious bias is, its impact on the recruitment process and how to build strategies to counteract it.
  • Know best practice for when actively recruiting for diverse candidates.
  • Bring about real inclusion in your organisation, building a platform from which to support your Diversity Recruiting efforts.
  • Learn specific sourcing skills, searching for gender, age and ethnic diversity.

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