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Breaking the Code: Hiring Top UK Tech Talent (Infographic)

With 42% of tech employers find it difficult to retain their best talent, decided it was time to do a little research into the science behind finding, attracting and hiring top tech talent in the UK. This is what they found:

*unless they’re being called “Sourcing Ninjas” that is!

Top Takeaways:

  • 22% of the UK’s top tech talent received 50+ messages from recruiters and employers every month and 87% of them respond to less than 10% of those messages. so your approach will need to be super special in order to stand out!
  • 86% of top tech talent would accept a job a friend had recommended – the power of referrals in the UK tech industry is huge.
  • Perks will only get you so far when trying to attract tech talent. Career development opportunities and company reputation are the most important factors to them.

The Breaking the Code ebook has been compiled by free talent referral app, Nudj, to highlight key channels you can use for hiring tech talent in the UK. In it you’ll get:

  • Real insights from 100 Developers, Engineers and Designers and others.
  • Case studies from Startups that are solving this problem right now!
  • Access to the most successful (and underused) channels for recruiting tech in the UK.

Download it for free here.

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