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You Wish Your Employer Brand Was This Cool!

So here’s a fact you may not have known – job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without a video icon.  Here’s another – on average, employers receive a 34% greater candidate application rate when they add video to their job postings. Now there’s a million and one employer branding videos out there and to be honest, most of them just consist of the same old S.H.1.T. But what’s the point in making an employer branding video if it’s not going to knock the spots off every other employer branding video that’s ever been made? Otherwise, why would the perfect candidate choose you over your biggest rival?

These 7 companies went the extra mile to ensure that perfect candidate would choose them and they did it in spectacular style:


Not content with being one of the most innovative companies in the land already, Innocent decided to go out there and capture the world of pop music and the hearts, minds and ears of potential employees everywhere by producing “Innocent Glee Club perform Bad Romance“. Not only have they incorporated two of my favourite things into this employer branding video (Glee and Lady Gaga), they also had the balls actually record they’re own A capella version of the song (however rough and ready it may be)!

The Result?

We’re in no doubt what a fun, exciting, tight knit and different place, Innocent is to work. And check out those kick ass hoodies!

Views: 36,800


So intentionally bad, that it’s amazingly good! Who ever thought that staged fun, awkwardly scripted interviews, cheesy lines and terrible amateur effects would add up to one of the best employer branding videos that’s ever been created?! They even got CEO Dick Costolo to make a cameo.

The Result?
A clear impression that the company is clever, edgy, fun and that no one (not even the CEO) is afraid to take the piss out of themselves and what they do.

Views: 1,062,300


This is one of the most bad ass employer branding videos out there and one that is certainly not for the faint hearted! This one has everything you’d NEVER expect in an employer branding video, from foul mouthed brats to crazy old men to super nerds to helicopters.

The Result?

We’re left in doubt that Kixeye is “the best damn gaming company on the planet” and if you’re serious about changing the world of online gaming, then you better send in a God damn application pronto, b*tch!

Views: 581,500


You know the way everyone says it’s a brilliant idea to include your employees in your employer branding videos? Well, Intel did that… and then some!

The Result?

The impression that Intel’s employees are their most valuable assets and if you fancy being worshipped as a rock star for your speciality of IT know-how, their company is the place to be.

Views: 17,600


A novelty smash hit tune, crazy dance moves, cat memes, Youtube parodies, Miley Cyrus and some borderline HR inappropriate moments… what more could you want from an employer branding video?! And Hubspot have made not one, but two of them.

The Result?
Proof that Hubspot are on the cutting edge of technology and the pulse of the web – and that it must be an incredibly fun place to work!

Views: 84,600


Who ever thought a bank could be so good damn funny? And clever?! I certainly didn’t (and I used to work in one).

The Result?

An excellent example of how corporate doesn’t automatically have to equal boring.

Views: 13,900


Betts weren’t about to let all the in-house recruiters out there have all the fun. Oh no. They decided to make a rather bold move and take a light-hearted look at what their employees do day in, day out, and do so by poking fun at themselves and what that work entails!

The Result?

A clever, observant and very funny parody of life in a recruitment agency, that gives Betts recruiters a little extra edge on the competition. After all, they’re not afraid to poke fun at themselves. And as the agency’s founder and CEO Carolyn Betts pointed out, the video received “a lot of laughs and positive feedback, helping Betts increase its exposure and brand itself as fun, young, and innovative“. What more could you ask for?

Views: 60,000


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