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Friday 13th: 10 Unfortunate Cases of Candidate Malfunction


Friday 13th, a day where people let their superstitions and fears get the better of them. People lay tucked up in bed all day away from harms reach and I won’t even go into what happens when they see a black cat. Word to the wise – treat it like any other day. However, October is a bit of a creepy month in fairness, especially with the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween just around the corner. Therefore, we thought we’d make light of some unfortunate events that have happened to candidates during job interviews. Poor critters!

  1. When a candidate strolls in for an interview and their ex-girlfriends dad is set to interview him….awkward!

2. A candidate making their way to an interview and next thing….coffee spills all over their lovely new shirt.

3. Getting interviewed by a former “lover”.

4. When you can’t find the office you’re supposed to be interviewing in!

5. That cocky candidate that thinks they have the job before they’ve even opened their mouth.

6. Choose your words wisely

Interviewer: What attracted you to the role?

Candidate: Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m doing here – my recruitment consultant told me it’s good practice to go to interviews.

7. When you have a question to ask, at least make it a good one!

Candidate: Do you monitor lunch breaks?

8. When a candidate doesn’t quite get the meaning of “casual” dress code.

9. Missing the bus and your late enough for the interview as it is

10. That awkward moment when you can’t remember the interviewee’s name…

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