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Jobseekers: Is there much point in forking out for an upgraded status on Linked In?

This month, I’ve been using a free trial of the new LinkedIn Job-Seekers Premium application. LinkedIn has grown massively over the last two years to over 100 million members, and more and more companies are seeking new hires through social media platforms, wishing to gain a more rounded feel for the person after perhaps seeing their CV, or from just happening upon their profile when on a web search. It makes sense as a job-seeker to further your job-search through Linked In.

What Linked In is offering with their Job Seekers Premium application for ‚¬17 per month is:

  • A job-seekers badge next to your profile, indicating your status to recruiters;
  • A featured applicant band on your profile, bringing you to the top of the list in job-searches,
  • Facilitation to introduce you directly to your target companies/ recruiters/employers without having to go through a current connection, and
  • Enhanced customer service.

Is it all worth it though? In my opinion: no.

So what should you do instead? Enhance your profile and Internet image by following these instructions:

  • Fill out every segment of your LinkedIn profile, detailing (in bullet-point form) your job and education history. For your job title, use phrases like Experienced Software Programmer at ., rather than your actual long-winded and protracted job title, to grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Insert a professional-type photo of yourself. This isn’t Facebook.
  • Get connected to people you previously worked with, or went to school/college with, and write a recommendation for their job role when you were their colleague. More likely than not, they’ll return the favour for you, which will give great tangible value to your work experience.
  • Ensure that your connection preferences state that you’d like to be contacted for job opportunities.
  • List any professional bodies or societies that you’re a member of ‚¬€œ this will show you’re a team player.
  • Join groups within LinkedIn of industries or specialities you desire to work in.
  • Be active on LinkedIn, and update your profile and status updates (in a professional tone ‚¬€œ again, this isn’t Facebook).
  • Speaking of Facebook, look at your Facebook Profile privacy settings. Privatise photos and your Wall to protect yourself from potentially turning off hiring managers from your antics at the weekend. Then, publicise your Information, including Education and Work, and detail your work experience just like your LinkedIn profile.
  • Add your LinkedIn profile link to your CV.
  • USE YOUR CONNECTIONS. Get introductions to companies and employers on LinkedIn the old-fashioned way ‚¬€œ through your friends and acquaintances. Employers will take notice of people recommended through their fellow colleagues, friends or affiliates.

For more information and a demonstration on how to enhance your online image through Social Media, check out this video.

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