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LinkedIn dont want you viewing their profiles, even if you pay to do so!

I have a Business Account with Linked In which allows me to search members profiles, connect with other professionals, send InMails and participate in Group Discussions.  I am huge fan of LinkedIn and advise my customers and colleagues in the industry to use it extensively and to ensure that they have some sort of paid subscription.

I went to log-in to my LinkedIn account on Monday morning only to find that my account had been suspended!!  I was encouraged to contact Customer Support by email (there is no phone number to call, believe me I tried!) and for the last 2 days I have anxiously awaited a reply.  I am 100% comfortable with how I use LinkedIn; I do not abuse the system, in fact I use public profiles available on the web 90% of the time and only enter my LinkedIn account to check the finer details of less than 10% of contacts that I may wish to network with.

To my great dismay, this is the reply that I received today:

Now if I was using a 3rd party application to “mine” LinkedIn, then they would have every right to try to stop me, but come one, I average about 30-40 profile view on a busy day and surely that can’t be considered excessive.  If I can’t view profiles, then what’s the point in having a paid account?

To be frank, I am astonished at LinkedIn’s response; all I can think of is that somebody hi-jacked my password and used my account because if my normal usage is considered excessive, then wake up every other recruiter out there, you’re about to get your account suspended!!

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