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Live Blog from Dublin Web Summit #dws4 Joe Fernandez, founder of Klout. Great presentation

Joe Fernandez from Klout is bucking the trend with no digital presentation as he asks how many of us prefer ads versus personal recommendations.
We are all now content creators or have the potential to be.
Bit of history first, Joe had to have his jaw wired shut 3 years ago. This experience changed his opinion on the people he followed and engaged with online as he was forced to use text only to communicate with people, particularly over social media. He built a company called Klout to measure how influential people on Twitter and Facebook are. It has been fascinating to see how other companies use this information. Virgin wanted to find the most influential people online talking about travel and put them on this new route they were thinking of. They didn’t want to influence their opinion directly, they were happy to let them write what they wanted but the power of these influencers was amazing. There is a massive opportunity for advertisers to utilize influencers.
Klout tries to figure out the network value of someone on a certain topic. Knowing someone’s ability to influence on a certain topic is really powerful. Klout’s own interactions with customers is personalised and encourages people to spread their message.
Privacy is a big issue. Klout work closely with Twitter and Facebook and they are always monitoring the key privacy issues. The more you can position the specialness of something, the more they will respond positively. Putting people in scenarios where they want to talk about the thing that you do is key.

Great off the cuff presentation. Our own company, Social Talent, uses Klout to identify influencers online to help promote our customers messages and we think it’s cool and very effective!

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Jonathan Campbell is a Director of Select People, a specialist headhunting firm and also the co-founder of social media consultancy Social BPO/ Social Talent, which grows and manages talent communities on social media sites for recruiters. Check out our Facebook Page: for more information.

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