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The Most Memorable Fictional Office Parties EVER!

Social Talent are on the move today! In fact, we’re all airport bound to catch a flight to Madrid for our much-anticipated office Christmas party! There’ll be tapas, there’ll be sangria, there’ll be Christmas jumpers, there’ll be dancing and heck, we may even hit a karaoke bar come the evening time! Either way, we’re out to have a cracking good time!

In anticipation of this weekend’s festivities, all week we’ve been reminiscing about our favourite and the most memorable office Christmas parties in TV and film history. Which got us thinking; why don’t we compile our favourites and put them together in one big (slightly awkward) festive package?

So, from bad Santas to awkward 1960s conga lines, we present to you our favourite fictional office parties EVER!:

Trading Places (1983)

In the film, Dan Aykroyd’s character crashes the company Christmas party dressed as an extremely disheveled Santa Claus, then proceeds to gorge himself on free food and attempts to plant a shed load of drugs in his successor’s office. Merry Christmas, y’all!

Die Hard (1988)

Nothing kills a party quite as effectively as a group of German terrorists taking you hostage in your own place of work. But nothing kills a German terrorist’s party like Officerd Yippee ki-yay!

Scrooged (1988)

Like Scrooge, Bill Murray’s character forces his staff to work overtime on Christmas Eve to stage a live-to-air broadcast of A Christmas Carol. Boo-hiss! But the broadcast erupts into a huge party at the end. Yay!  Oh, but there’s a crazy man with the shotgun upstairs in the control room…

Office Space (1999)

It’s hard to endure (let alone enjoy) an office celebration for a boss or a co-worker that you really despise (no matter how tasty the cake looks), but this office party looks particularly fraught! (Ok, so it’s not technically an office Christmas party, but can you imagine one in this God forsaken office?!)


In this classic Seinfeld episode, Elaine well and truly embarrassed herself in front of her co-workers when she unleashed her alternative dance moves at the office party. Cringe! It’s the thumbs that get us!

Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)

We like to watch this one with our eyes buried beneath our hands! Poor Bridget!


So much cringe in one episode! Jeff’s office party in the BBC’s Coupling is a prime example of why office parties and sex are a lethal combination! P.S. You have been warned!

The Office (UK)

So good, we couldn’t pick just pick one moment, so we picked 3!

The when the dreaded “Does anyone have any suggestions for this year’s Christmas party?” question was asked:

The one that melted all the girls’ hearts… when Dawns kisses Tim!!!:

The classic! (“I sort of fused Flashdance with MC Hammer”):

The Office (US)

Some office parties can be awkward and tense enough. Add a “Yankee Swap” Secret Santa exchange into the mix, and you’re just asking for trouble!

Mad Men

Why does Mad Men have to be over?!!! Because, when it comes to throwing an office Christmas party, those guys and gals at Sterling Cooper Draper Price know how to throw down! In case you need proof, just check out the most EPIC conga line of all time!

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