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The Top 10 Most Popular SocialTalent Blogs of 2016

The new year is almost upon us. But before we surrender ourselves to counting down with glasses of bubbly in hand, we’d like to take a moment to look back to the blog posts you enjoyed most on our site throughout 2016. On this list, you’ll find comedy corkers, practical tips, industry observations, and an ingenious infographic. So, we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy our Top 10 most popular blog posts of 2016:

recruitment memes1. 12 Recruitment Memes That Are Way Too Real

Back in August we brought you a selection of recruitment memes that were so close to the bone, we weren’t sure whether you’d laugh or cry! (But we hoped it’d be the former!)


2. 9 LinkedIn Default Settings You Need To Change IMMEDIATELY!

In July we took you through what the core settings associated with your LinkedIn account are, what they do, how to change them, and our recommendations in relation to these settings.


3. 8 Spectacular Ways People Have Quit Their Job

Ever worked in a job that you absolutely despised? One where you fantasised about the day that you could finally waltz up to your manager’s desk with your letter of resignation? Well, back in September, we celebrated those brave individuals who did just that.


4. 20 Buzzwords That Recruiters Use (And What Non-Recruiters Think They Mean!)

Also in September, we listed the top 20 buzzwords all recruiters are guilty of using, as well as what they could be misinterpreted as by a non-recruiter. Trust us, none of these are easy to explain to your friends and family!

resume fails

5. 20 Funniest Resume Blunders You Will Ever See

While flicking through a bunch of resumes is probably one of the least exciting tasks for recruiters, in August we saw the funny side!


6. 10 Things You Should NEVER Put in Your InMails… Like EVER!

It’s all well and good conducting the perfect LinkedIn search using your beautifully-crafted Boolean strings but if the inMails that you’re sending are weak, you might as well kiss all of those potential candidates goodbye!

Office Awards

7. 20 Hilarious Office Awards to Embarrass Your Colleagues

In June, we implored you to download these printable office awards and have fun determining which of your coworkers you want to poke a little fun at! And you did… in your droves!

White Lies

8. 10 White Lies EVERY Recruiter Tells

Admit it! You know you’ve uttered at least one of these little white lies at some point or another during your recruiting career!

office memes

9. 15 Memes Everyone Who Works in an Office Will Understand

If you spend the majority of your working week with other people in an office environment, you totally understand these office-based memes when we shared them back in November.

LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

10. The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet (Infographic)

This infographic contains everything (and yes, we mean EVERYTHING), you need to do in order to build an “All-Star” LinkedIn profile. Perfect for starting a new year.

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