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How to spot a retention problem before it's too late

When people start handing in their notice, your business has a problem. Not only are you going to incur significant costs to replace them, but you’re losing their insight and ideas, and potentially damaging your employer brand. And if people are resigning, let’s get real here – it’s a little bit too late to try to fix the issue.  

Here are some symptoms that when spotted, could help preempt a retention problem – so why not try to address them before it’s too late? 

retention problem

1. Disengaged employees 

Hardworking employees who ask questions care about the work they are doing. They want to progress in the company and make a good impression with staff and leaders alike. By the same token, employees who are checking boxes and doing the bare minimum don’t care about their progression. Do your employees seem checked out? More often than not, it’s because they are.  Be mindful that negative attitudes can spread, so it’s important to address quickly and effectively.

 2. Lack of manager feedback

Even with highly engaged employees, lack of feedback from a manager can lead to people leaving. Engaged employees want to grow and develop, get feedback on their performance, and have an opportunity to contribute. If a manager does not provide these opportunities, your staff will feel under-appreciated and will find other positions where they are valued instead. Make feedback part of your culture!


retention problem

3. Bad company culture 

Speaking of culture, a poor culture fit is one of the most common reasons why people leave. It’s important that people enjoy a healthy company culture with their colleagues – while your work won’t make up your entire social life, when you spend forty hours a week with people, it is important to get along with each other. This is an important element to consider in the interview process, that you think about how well your candidate will fit in with the company, but also something to continually evaluate within your company social strategy.

Preempting a retention problem is only half the battle. Actively engaging with employee retention strategies is a great way to stop the problem before it starts. In our latest ebook, we explore how training and retention are inextricably linked, and share a number of retention strategies that your business can start to use today. Download it for free here.

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