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5 Reasons Recruiters should use Video in 2012

Video will play an increasingly important role in 2012 for:

  • Employer Branding
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Website Navigation

5 Reasons you should use Video for recruitment in 2012:

1.  SEO

Instant Page 1 on Google – Using YouTube (Google product) and tagging it appropriately with key search terms that are relevant to your video, means that Google will promote your video content and place it at the very top of your search results. Within minutes of posting your video online, you’re on Page 1!

2. Greater message recall with video

People remember video 4 times more than text (15% remember the text ad) whereas 80% remember a webpage with a video. Who’s remembering your text job description? [Source: Firepole Marketing]

3 – Video empowers Social

Impression & Engagement rates on Facebook are two times that of text and links. Video links shared on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter are shared for twice as much time as links to other content. [Source: WebLiquid Reach Analysis ]

4 – Video acts as a virtual sales team

You can talk to thousands of potential employees, showcase your offices and working environment and answer questions about the application and interview process all from a single video.

5 – Cost Effective

Professional employer branding videos can cost as little as £500!

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