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Happy 5th Birthday WhatsApp! (The Recruiter's New Secret Weapon)

Instant messaging apps have exploded as a means of personal communication, particularly on mobile devices but their take up in professional sourcing is still slow.

We discovered from our research when conducting the 2014 Global Sourcing Survey, that Sourcers in the Asia-Pacific region report the highest usage rates of instant messaging technology, dominated by Chinese owned WeChat, which allows employers to host company pages where candidates can apply for jobs and get status updates on their applications.

In the rest of the world, iMesssage (from Apple) and WhatsApp (from Facebook) are the strongest contenders for future use, but current usage of such tools is slow. But while they are yet to really embrace and appreciate what instant messaging tools can do for their sourcing efforts, our survey shows, Asia Pacific might be the market from which other global Sourcers start to take their lead! And if these stats surrounding WhatsApp (currently the 3rd most popular instant messaging tool among Sourcers worldwide) are anything to go by, we hope they start to take that lead sooner rather then later!

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