Recruiter Academy

The best recruiters know that they should never stop learning

Why do you need a Recruiter Academy?

“Recruitment is an ever-changing game and being successful means evolving continuously

The recruiters that stay ahead constantly update their skill-set. Gaining new knowledge, learning new skills, and leveraging emerging technologies.

Not only do we have over 120 hours of top-class recruitment training content, but we constantly update our library with the most relevant emerging knowledge.”

- Johnny Campbell - CEO, SocialTalent

Why do all these companies trust the SocialTalent platform?

The Future of Recruitment is Talent Development

Emerging skills, knowledge and technologies will force the recruitment industry, and those that work within it, to change.

Some recruiters will fall victim to this change, while others will be the ones driving it and reaping the benefits.

Which side will you be on? You can be left behind and do the same old things or leverage powerful new ways to achieve unprecedented results.

The Training Academy for Recruiters Who Want To...

  • Source Outstanding Candidates
  • Write Compelling Job Ads
  • Identify the Best Candidates in Interviews
  • Become a Strategic Partner to Hiring Managers
  • Create a Winning Personal Brand

Our Recruitment Training Academy is the most comprehensive source of recruitment training content. Covering what you need to learn right now, and whatever you’ll need to know in the future with frequently updated content from the world’s foremost recruitment experts, this is knowledge for recruiters who want to stay ahead of the game.

Learn from the experts

Expertise delivered by the leaders of the recruitment industry.
This is content worth paying attention to- we empower recruiters with the knowledge to achieve more!

Our comprehensive training includes:

An extensive range of courses, designed to equip the modern recruiter with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

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Finding Phone

Managing Internal

Personal Branding

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Building your



Access this training on our proven learning platform and upskill the easy way

Our learning platform serves up over 120 hours of hyper relevant recruitment training. Served in short, precise videos which you can access on desktop or mobile.

So you can choose what you want to learn, when you want to learn it.

Track Your Progress and Achieve Your Learning Goals

Innovative built-in features make the learning process as streamlined as possible.

Get notifications as users progress along their learning paths and benefit from gamification technology as they are encouraged to complete their goals.

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