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Our content is delivered by the world’s leading recruitment experts, and provides the latest and greatest tips, tricks and real-world industry knowledge that you simply can’t afford to do without. If your goals are to hire more candidates, better candidates and faster than ever before then play attention.

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We could just produce some nice shiny videos telling you all the things you already know with extra buzz-words layered on top. But SocialTalent take the time to find and generate content that actually makes a difference for our users. If you are in recruitment then nothing out there matches the quality of our recruitment courses so get watching!

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  • Source Outstanding Candidates
  • Write Compelling Job Ads
  • Identify the Best Candidates in Interviews
  • Become a Strategic Partner to Hiring Managers
  • Create a Winning Personal Brand

Our Recruitment Training Academy is the most comprehensive source of recruitment training content. Covering what you need to learn right now, and whatever you’ll need to know in the future with frequently updated content from the world’s foremost recruitment experts, this is knowledge for recruiters who want to stay ahead of the game.

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Expertise delivered by the leaders of the recruitment industry.
This is content worth paying attention to- we empower recruiters with the knowledge to achieve more!

Learning Paths that are relevant to your Recruitment Team

SocialTalent’s content library contains recruitment courses that can be customised towards the learning requirements of your team

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Finding Phone

Managing Internal

Personal Branding

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Recruitment Training that your Team will Love

Training shouldn’t have to be a chore. SocialTalent video content is designed according to scientific principles in that it packs in the most practical, useful and high value information into short bite-sized videos. Recruiter Courses that your team will actually do and learn from.

More than just A Learning Tool

SocialTalent’s platform is more than recruitment training content, rather it is a tool for your whole recruitment team to encourage each other, take notes, download content, achieve milestones, view reports and collaborate on their knowledge-sharing journey. All the bases are covered so that everybody is truly engaged.

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