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Successful sourcing teams find the best people before their competitors. The SocialTalent Sourcer Training has all the elite tips and best practices to help your sourcing team conduct speedy searches. Learn to navigate professional networks like LinkedIn, Xing and Github to find top quality candidates no matter what job role your sourcing for.

The SocialTalent Sourcer training content is delivered by recruitment experts with years of experience when it comes to skilful sourcing. SocialTalent’s online recruitment training platform will arm your team with the knowledge to fill more roles with better candidates faster than ever before.

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Learn the basics of boolean search and build on this essential skill to find more quality candidates than ever before. Develop skills like x-ray search and learn how you can prioritise the profiles you find to guarantee the best results for your sourcing efforts

SocialTalent’s Online Sourcing Training Platform is Right for You if You Want to:

  • Source the Best and Hardest to Find Candidates
  • Unearth the Tools, Tips and Techniques to Source with Laser-Guided Efficiency
  • Learn the Secrets of Strategic Sourcing
  • Have the Most Well-Informed Sourcing Team

The Best Sourcing Content on the Web

The most comprehensive, detailed and practical library of sourcing training content your recruitment team will ever need.

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The SocialTalent platform offers over 120 hours of hyper-relevant recruitment training served in short, precise videos which you can access on desktop or mobile. Choose what you want to learn, and when you want to learn it.

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