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How To Make Your Twitter Bio Stand Out [Video]

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Welcome to another edition of SocialTalent’s Live & Learn series. Every Monday, we will look at some of the top videos on our platform that will help you improve as a recruiter. 

We know you’re a busy bunch. That’s why we’ve kept these posts short and informative so that you can absorb all the information you need in no time at all. Last week we looked at how you can take the perfect LinkedIn profile picture. This week we shift our focus over to Twitter and how you can enhance your bio to make it look more professional.

How To Make Your Twitter Bio Professional

Holly Fawcett will teach you all the top tricks and tips on how to enhance your Pro-fersonal brand. Your bio needs a fine mix of personal and professional, and knowing that balance is key. 

What should you include in your Twitter Bio? What should your profile picture look like. What keywords should you include? In this video Holly answers ALL! 

Your Professional Twitter Bio

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