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Lessons on leadership from IKEA's Global TA Manager

Introducing: Shannon Custard

Shannon Custard has been leading TA teams for over ten years and has worked with two of the world’s most famous brands. After spending 16 years working for Starbucks, Shannon has been the Global TA Manager of the IKEA (part of the INGKA group) for the last two and a half years. 

When speaking to Shannon it is apparent she is wholly passionate about leadership.  She believes it’s truly fundamental to business transformation and scaling success.

What are you speaking about at UNLEASH World?

The talk is titled: Leadership through change

“I love leading teams and I love the pace of recruitment, it’s a perfect match for me”

Although the corporate world seems obsessed with leadership (even the vaguest Google search suggests I read 51 books to truly understand the subject) Shannon feels that the HR industry hasn’t fully grasped the importance of solid leadership.

“I want to focus on the importance of having a leadership philosophy and how doing this five years ao completely changed how I approached leadership. Then I’m going to share some information on what the INGKA group are doing, really interesting things that are solely focussed on HR leadership initiatives.” 

Shannon is well placed to talk about leadership with such profound authority. She has a history of leading teams that outperform their goals. “I think if you can be a leader that truly engages and motivates a team as well as increase efficiency using AI and productivity tools then you can become a truly inspirational leader.”

Leadership and how it’s critical to achieving large scale transformation

“This is my first UNLEASH event which I’m super excited about… I’m excited to engage with the audience and see things from different perspectives”

How has this approach to leadership impacted Hiring Excellence within IKEA?

Shannon believes that the whole organisation has benefited from a fresh approach to leadership. It’s not just the act of hiring that is impacted but the whole process and everyone who is involved.

“From a leadership philosophy perspective, it empowers the people around you. Hiring success is so much more than just hiring. It is figuring out the things that you are really good at and then working with somebody to make better decisions and bring in diverse points of views. It’s so much bigger than the result of one hire.”

3 key takeaways you can expect from Shannon’s talk on the Hiring Excellence Stage

The power of Shannon’s belief and leadership philosophy is guaranteed to shine through in this UNLEASH talk. Anybody who attends is bound to leave with a notebook brimming with notes and inspirational ideas. The three key points that Shannon hopes will resonate with people the most are:

  • The importance of a personal leadership philosophy
    Focussing on your own leadership philosophy will have a major impact on how you lead others
  • Leadership within HR is deserved its own resources and growing paths
    HR should focus on developing leadership inititives specifically within  the industry
  • Excitement and inspiration to share their findings and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit
    Empowering teams to become creative and productive in their work isn’t easy, but it’s a rewarding experience when good leaders get it right

See Shannon Custard speak on The Hiring Excellence Stage at UNLEASH World on Tuesday 22nd October

Talk Title: Leadership through change

Talk Description: Automation and digitalization are solving many TA/HR challenges, but motivated teams and strong leaders is our key to success. The human factor makes all the difference and Shannon will discuss how IKEA empower co-workers and develop leaders that achieve results even when the odds are against them

About Shannon: Shannon leads the Global Talent Acquisition Organization at IKEA (Ingka Group), the leader in enabling a sustainable and affordable life at home for people around the world. She leads a newly formed organization responsible for developing the global strategies for employment branding, recruiting, sourcing, assessing and onboarding talent across 30 countries. Shannon has a long tenure supporting retail and corporate teams within talent acquisition and programs. She has a passion for leadership and developing teams to achieve new strategies and results.

The Hiring Excellence Stage will welcome a blend of the most distinguished and successful pioneers of the recruitment industry. A mix of TA leaders and industry experts will share their views on the future of work, the intersection of humans and technology, their thoughts on transformative processes and of course, how can we achieve hiring excellence.

For more information visit: The Hiring Excellence Stage at UNLEASH World


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