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Take Control of Your Employer Branding Strategy

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Take control of your employer branding strategy

Employer branding is the way you project your company brand to the world. Will Ryan will guide you in understanding the potential of your employer brand. Start influencing the way people perceive your company and you’ll see the positive impact on your potential candidates.

Key Takeaways

Employer branding doesn’t have to be a giant tangled mess. It can be a big undertaking but these tips will help you think strategically about employer branding;

  1. Employer brand is usually owned by TA/HR departments, but it should be owned by marketing
  2. Alignment is crucial, don’t pretend to be someone your not- it will not translate well and could be damaging to your reputation.
  3. Employer branding is a result of a multiple of touch points between you and your candidates. Everything from your social media presence to your interview process is a building block for your employer brand.

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