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3 Steps to Help You Become the Perfect Candidate (Infographic)

What makes the perfect candidate? Someone with the right skills, a cracking personality and a good work ethic? Yes, all of those things, but these days candidates have to have the X Factor in order to stand out from the ever-expanding crowd of job seekers out there.

They need a successful CV, a strong social media presence and interview skills that would put Jeremy Paxman to shame! And this infographic will show you how to achieve all three:


Top Takeaways:

  • Read, re-read and get someone else to read your CV/resumé before sending it to a recruiter. If there is even one spelling/grammar mistake it will go to the end of the pile.
  • Is your email address as professional as it could be? It’s free to set up a new Gmail account, so if your unsure [email protected] will cut it, I’d make the effort to create a brand new account with a [email protected] layout.
  • The majority of recruiters now use social media to pre-screen and vert candidates so watch what you say and how you say on each and every one of your social profiles. Professionalism should not just be reserved for sites like LinkedIn, any recruiter worth their salt will dig deeper into your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, personal blog etc.
  • Preparation is key to a good interview. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Read up on the company, read up on your interviewer if you know who they are, practice your answers to the most common interview questions and dress appropriately for the interview you’re attending.

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