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7 Recruitment News Stories to Kickstart Your Week! August 10th 2015

Here’s your fix of the Recruitment News this week!

LinkedIn Launch the Social Selling Index for All Members

Over the last few days, LinkedIn have launched the Social Selling Index (SSI), a personalised index of where you and your LinkedIn activities are scoring well with your personal brand, network, building relationships and engaging with insights.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index

While it is primarily for sales professionals, it is extremely useful for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals as well. Highlighting strengths and potential weaknesses in your personal brand (ie, how well your LinkedIn profile reflects your business, and sharing your expertise using the LinkedIn blogging platform), skills in search (!), sharing insights and updates with your network that helps grow relationships, and using LinkedIn to develop relationships with your key candidates. Your overall score out of 100, and rank amongst your network, is calculated daily so you can track how well your SSI is improving over time.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index Report

Think of it as a personal KPI tracker! We love it, and it’s also set a bit of competition amongst the office to get the highest SSI score. So far the highest in the Social Talent office is Stephen, with 83. Get your score now by going to

Share your score with us! Expands its CV Search to Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore, the world’s most popular job search engine, has now expanded its free CV search tool to three more countries to include Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore. This brings its free CV search tool up to 18 countries, which already include the UK and US, Australia, India, Netherlands, France and Spain.

Indeed has quickly become the top search engine for jobs in almost every country it touches, as it aggregates jobs from across the web into one place. Candidates can apply using their Indeed profile, which in turn is searchable by recruiters and employers for free. now boast more than 35 million CV’s.

For quick tips on how to use the Indeed search engine, see this blog here!

Big 4 Firm EY Drops 2:1 or Higher Requirement for Graduate Jobs

In a move that is seen as “ground-breaking”, another of the Big 4 firms, EY, has finally decided to read the scientific evidence that grades don’t matter, and have now dropped the minimum 2:1 grade requirement (the equivalent of a 3.5 GPA) for those seeking graduate jobs at the company for the 2016 intake.

We’ve written about this in the past, as two others of the Big 4 (PwC and Deloitte) and companies like Eversheds and Ogilvy levelled the playing field for grads applying for jobs, but EY were quick to say that grades still matter – they still want candidates to do their best, but have said it will no longer be a barrier to getting their foot in the door.

About time, in our view! Now, just to get everyone else to follow suit…

Prepare for Instagram Advertising (and a lot more ads in your feed)

recruiting with instagramInstagram, the photo-sharing social network de jour, has been trialling ads amongst a very small group of companies with big budgets over the last 6 months. Now, companies can use a self-service advertising platform exactly the same as you can when advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter.

For Instagram users in the USA and Canada, you’ve probably been seeing some ads in your feed already, where these ads were for branding purposes only and to drive following. Now with the self-service API, advertisers can push downloads of apps, buy-buttons and external links to content and products.

Instagram, for recruiters and careers, is one of the most under-utilised social networks, but it’s ideal for branding and reaching potential candidates. Take a look at how CA Technologies and NPR have been using Instagram for employer branding by searching for #LifeAtCA or #NPRLife in Instagram. Keep a look out for advertising opportunities to reach your target candidate audience to develop and grow your company following, reputation and employer brand!

Glassdoor Release Top 15 Jobs Searched For Right Now

Glassdoor logoGlassdoor, the employer review site, took the leap into job advertising recently enough. Now, it has revealed the top 15 jobs that people in the USA are searching for right now:

  1. Administrative Assistant
  2. Project Manager
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. Receptionist
  5. Executive Assistant
  6. Graphic Designer
  7. Manager
  8. Software Engineer
  9. Business Analyst
  10. Cashier
  11. Account Executive
  12. Sales Representative
  13. Account Manager
  14. Financial Analyst
  15. Accountant

Many of these jobs correlate with the most hunted for candidates (check out the Manpower Talent Shortage Survey, 2015) where employers simply cannot fill jobs in skilled trades, sales, business and office support, accounting and finance, and engineering.

LinkedIn’s Revealing Research Explains Why People Change Jobs

LinkedIn have just launched their latest Switchers Report, revealing the reasons and trends behind why people change jobs, and the results aren’t necessarily what you think. When retaining talent, we think it’s more about money or a bad boss. Turns out the top reason why your people change jobs is concerns about career advancement and a lack of opportunities to move up.

LinkedIn Switchers Report - Why Do People Change Jobs

Other revealing insights include where people moved to. More people changed from large organisations with more than 5,000 employees to smaller ones (with less than 500 employees) or start-ups. So if you’re trying to hire talent and you’re small, trust us, your EVP is strong: small is the new big!

The Software, Healthcare and Oil & Energy Industries all grew, with an influx of talent into these sectors. However, professional services, government and retail industries all fell.

Download the full report here.

Twitter Tests a News Tab in the US for Android and iOS Users

Announced by Buzzfeed over the last few days, Twitter is testing a News tab for US users of Twitter on their Android or iOS devices, in the hope of making it easier to find and scan through news links in your newsfeed.

Twitter News Tab Test

From Buzzfeed, “The experimental feature, part of Twitter’s effort to make its best content easy to find, inhabits the middle tab of the app’s navigation bar and brings up a list of headlines that are trending on the platform. When you click a headline, you’re taken to a story screen with an image, headline, block of text from the story, and the top tweets discussing it.”

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