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How Recruiters and Job Seekers Use Social Media in 2015 (Infographic)

While social recruiting is by no means a new trend (we are living in the year 2015 after all), it’s processes and it’s nuances are evolving all the time, and it’s importance in recruiting continues to grow. Back in 2010, 78% of recruiters were using LinkedIn to find candidates. 5 years later that percentage has risen to 95%. Similarly, 2010 saw just 14% of recruiters posting jobs on Twitter. That figure has now risen to a whopping 95%! The potential for employee referrals on Twitter has also risen from 16% in 2010, to 93% in 2015.

Social media also continues to grow in importance for job seekers. In 2009, 12% of HR managers in the US said they had searched for applicants on social sites, 43% of whom reportedly reconsidered hiring candidates based in what they found on those social sites. In 2015, that 12% has risen to 93% and 55% say they’ve reconsidered a candidate based on content found on their social media accounts.

So how important is social media for your candidate search as a recruiter and your job search as a job seeker in 2015? This infographic from lays it out:

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