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TL;DR | Diversity Fatigue and Exclusionary Language

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Diversity in a state of fatigue

Diversity fatigue has set in, and progress has come to a halt. According to Atlassian’s State of Diversity Report 2018, when it comes to open-minded hiring, a lot of companies have been all talk and no action. With all this focus on diversity and inclusion, why are companies stalling in their progress? Slow progress may be caused by Ill-defined diversity programmes, taking away from inclusion and belonging. Companies may be overwhelmed by the breadth of issues at play. So what can we do? Atlassian says: ‘We need to live up to our industry’s reputation as innovators [and]
recommit to increasing balance, belonging, and inclusion in our teams.’

Recruiting language still discouraging female candidates

Recruiters should stop looking for ‘managers’ if they are looking to encourage diversity when hiring. Research has shown that words like ‘manager’ and ‘leader’ attract male candidates, while words such as ‘support’ and ‘interpersonal’ appeal to female candidates. 

Tools like Textio, TalVista and Applied can support inclusivity by suggesting more appropriate language. This can help to contribute to a diverse workplace, which is in the best interest of the company as it has been shown to improve employee relations and increase profitability. 

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