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10 Christmas Feels That Every Recruiter Will Understand

‘Tis the season for recruiting and what better way to cap off a successful year than reminiscing about all those familiar feels around Christmas. In the past, we’ve talked about what really grinds our gears as recruiters. We’ve talked about the many emotions of an in-house recruiter. But let’s not forget that there’s a reason recruiters do what they do!

1. When the hiring manager’s first choice accepts the job.

2. It’s a great time to reflect on your past wins for the year

3. The preparation for the new year has already begun!

4. When you’re screening a candidate and realise that they tick all the boxes.

5.When you’re browsing through LinkedIn and see that one of your old placements has progressed in their career

6. Giving a candidate the best present imaginable….a new job!

7.  Two Words. Perfect Referrals

 8. Starting a new employer branding campaign to make your company shine!


9. Retail clients need you more than ever!

10. When the time comes to finally put up those tired feet of yours!

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