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5 of The Best Facebook Ad Tips To Help You Boost Your Sales

Sales, sales, sales! It’s the number one thing on every salespersons mind. Without sales, your business would be dead and buried, it’s the stark reality of owning a business. Facebook advertising is the perfect gateway for you as a salesperson to reach out to your prospects and to build awareness around the product you’re selling. In the past, we’ve looked at ways to generate leads using Facebook Live. Now, we’ll look at how you can maximise profit using the Facebook Advertising tool.

Not only can you target your ideal prospect through Facebook Ads, but it can be used at every stage of the e-commerce sales funnel, if used correctly.

1. Enhance Your Ad Copy

When writing anything, you want it to engage with the audience that you’re looking to connect with. With a Facebook Ad, it’s essential you capture the attention of your prospect within the first few words. Your prospects won’t have any interest in reading a long ad, so the shorter it is – the better! Make sure your copy complements the visual aspect of your ad also. Your copy and image should tell a story that speaks to your prospect.

Another way of adding life to your Facebook Ad is by adding emojis in with your copy. People use emojis every single day, and they have become another way of evoking emotion when writing to someone. Only use emojis if that suit the tone of your ad, and make sure not to overuse them at that. If the emojis have no relevance to you’re trying to advertise, you’re ad will end up looking cheap and tacky, so be careful!

2. Re-market To Your Ideal Audience

There are many ads we’ve clicked because we simply liked them. There was a sense of intrigue surrounding what they were selling or trying to advertise. A lot of the time, people won’t make a purchase when first clicking your ad and visiting your website. But, that’s ok! Now you’re you’e planted the seed of intrigue and are in their head. And to be honest, a scarce few will actually buy what you’re selling on their first visit. Data suggests that only 98% of visitors to your website won’t purchase on first arrival.

The fact is, once they’ve clicked your ad on Facebook, you know they’re interested in your product. The next step is a simple one, target the people that visited your page. Create a custom audience specifically targeted towards the people that have visited. Think of various ways around how you can once again, push them towards purchasing what you’re selling. Customise your Facebook ad, maybe even offer them a discount if they purchase within a certain timeframe. The percentage is completely up to you, but make sure the copy of your ad has a sense of urgency around it.

3. Give Your Audience A Reason To Click!

As we mentioned in our 2nd point, a sense of urgency will tempt your prospect to act on making a purchase. Grab their attention using strong and powerful words. The use of urgency is so important when marketing your product, because we, as humans, are highly susceptible to words that contain a sense of urgency. Offer them a ‘once off” offer for a ‘limited time’ only! Make clear the fact that you are giving them the ‘bargain of century’ and that they only have 24 hours to avail of your offer. If you already know that your prospect is interested in your product, then this cold be where you push them towards making that all important purchase.

Use words such as;

  1. Limited time only
  2. Hurry
  3. By now
  4. Don’t miss out
  5. Offer expires
  6. Act now
  7. Clearance
  8. One day only
  9. Last chance
  10. Deadline

4. Upsell, Upsell, Upsell

As with every business, you have once off buyers and buyers who are loyal to what you’re selling. So much so that they loyal to your brand. They trust your brand and love everything about what you do. These consumers are completely committed to your brand. Not only are you giving your ‘loyal’ customers what they want, but you reward them for being loyal to your brand. A perfect example of this are reward programmes, or discounts for those who bring continuous business to your company.

So the fact that you know these consumers adore what you’re selling, should make an the upsell process even easier for you. Don’t hold back in going for the upsell either, what do you have to use? It would be different if your approaching a first time customer! Remember, existing customers are critical to the success of your company. So much so, that 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers.  Therefore, see an excellent return on your ad spent by running awesome Facebook campaigns to upsell to existing customers.

5. Ask Questions!

For the majority of the products that we’re aiming to sell, we’re there to provide a solution to our customers. To make their lives easier. When you’re making a solution sell, try not focus on the problem you’re solving. Too many businesses focus on the problem, rather than the actual solution they’re providing their customers. Only use rhetorical questions when you know the answer, as well as already having a customer base that likes you!

Questions such as “Are you looking to loose weight?” or “Do you miss your mothers home cooking?” are an example of questions that will immediately open up your dialogue so that you can explain further about what you’re selling. Remember, you are the answer to your customers needs, so clearly outline your solution after your initial question.


So now that you have the low down on how to create a killer Facebook ad, you can now start and give it a go for yourself! Let us know if it has worked for you by contacting us on our Twitter or our Online Community!

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