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5 Mind-Blowingly HUGE Nuggets of Recruitment News - 19th January 2015

In the news this week:

Everything You Need to Know about LinkedIn’s NEW “Commercial Use Limit on Search

So as all of you may have noticed, LinkedIn have gone and introduced what they’re calling a “Commerical Use Limit on Search“. The good thing about this is that LinkedIn are now allowing anyone (free account or otherwise) to view the full names and profiles of anyone in their extended network including 3rd degree connections. Great! The not-so-great part is that the ability to do so has come with quite a hefty price. The improved network visibility also includes a “limit based on search usage“, and if you reach the commercial use limit LinkedIn have set, your activity on LinkedIn has indicated to them “that you’re likely using LinkedIn for commercial use, like hiring or prospecting“, and if you’re going to be doing that sort of thing, LinkedIn wants you to pay for it.

The new limit is calculated based on your search activity since the first of the calendar month. A progress bar will appear in your search results when 30% of your searches are left, and will continue to remind you in 5% increments (they can’t apparently show you exactly how many searches you have left). After you’ve reached the limit, you’ll continue to be able to search, but will see a limited number of results. Your free monthly usage will reset on the 1st of each calendar month.

Tr̩s annoying and deeply frustrating for recruiters and sourcers the world over Рmany members are hitting the search quota for the month within a day or so and experiencing far less search results once the quota has been reached:

huge recruitment news


So what’s to be done about it? Well, you could do exactly what LinkedIn wants you to and upgrade to LinkedIn Premium (we’d recommend this and let’s face it, it’s a small price to pay when you consider what you’re getting), but if you have absolutely no budget and are okay with doing things the ‘very hard and possibly not very fruitful’ way, we’ve seen some temporary solutions to the problem via Irina Shamaeva’s blog “Boolean Strings”. Irina says that there are a number of ways to search that are not counted in the monthly quota. And while these ways are no substitute for the advanced member search, they have their uses. They include:

Thankfully though, using x-ray search techniques on Google to look for LinkedIn profiles (something all of our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment users and graduates know how to do) remains UNLIMITED! So if you have those skills you should be absolutely fine. If you don’t, don’t worry, we are currently building a brand new LinkedIn custom search engine as part of our FREE SourceHub product, that will allow you to search LinkedIn extremely effectively without using up your quota. And while we are aware that there are already some CSEs out there claiming to do this, we’ve tried them and we can assure you nothing matched the power of ours! It’ll be ready in just 2 weeks time, so click here to sign-up for free now.

Is “Facebook at Work” About to Takeover Your Workplace?

We made reference to the fact that this could turn out to be a reality a couple of months back, and it turns out we were right! Facebook WILL be launching a brand new app called “Facebook at Work” that is designed to provide a way of users to communicate as an alternative to email and other intranet systems in the workplace, in the next few months.

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Facebook at Work is a separate experience that gives employees the ability to connect and collaborate efficiently using Facebook tools – many that they’re likely already using such as News Feed, Groups, messages and events,” the social network said in a statement. “The information shared among employees is only accessible to people in the company.”

The service has apparently been designed to help avoid important messages being missed due to email overload with a spokeswoman adding: “Internally at Facebook we’ve been using our product for years, and we’re now looking forward to the feedback from our pilot partners to create the best possible experience.”

Not only does this new service pose a threat to established collaboration tools targeted at businesses including Yammer (Microsoft owned), Jive and MangoApps, but it will also challenge LinkedIn who have built their whole reputation up around being a “professional network”, something Facebook have never done.

Our thoughts on a Facebook product designed specifically for office use? Answer: Email is dead. Instant messaging is absolutely the way to go and businesses need to embrace it. I received an IM from a friend this morning asking me if I knew if an event we are both speaking at had organised hotels yet. I IM’d the organiser and had confirmation in 2 minutes. He had sent several emails, no response. He reached out to me, I reached out to her and it was all sorted in 3 minutes because of IM. Facebook for business has huge potential!

Facebook at Work is now available to download in iOS here.

Not so fast Facebook! LinkedIn is Working on TWO New Products to Help Coworkers Connect

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If LinkedIn manage to successfully pull off both of the two new products they’re putting forward, Facebook at Work may very well be left choking on it’s dust!

Indeed, a LinkedIn spokesperson told tech news website, Mashable, last week that the company is developing two products that can bring employers, employees and colleagues closer together. That way, the platform can be “better utilised to improve connections within the office, rather than outside of it. The tools will make it easier to access employee information, as well as share content relevant to your workplace”.

The first of the two products, which is piloting to a handful of customers in the coming weeks, allows users to send InMail to coworkers, even if they aren’t already connected. The tool would also allow users to upload their contact information (like email and phone number), making it easy for coworkers to access that information. Sound intriguing? Wait, it gets better!

The second tool is the one that has the most potential for recruiters! Yes, the second product is all about content sharing and it would allow company administrators to send out information to groups of relevant employees. For example, if a firm is recruiting software engineers, the recruiting team could use this new product to send out something like a blog post about the company’s software engineering philosophy to a subset of specific employees, who then might share it to their network. That, in turn, might make the company seem attractive to potential employees. You see the potential?! Exciting!

The LinkedIn spokesperson also told Mashable that these groups might be accessible in a mobile app, desktop product and/or some other way, and that LinkedIn expects to start a trial of this tool at the end of the quarter. So watch your back, Facebook!

HR Pros Work 4 Weeks Overtime for FREE

According to a new survey carried out by Ortus, over three quarters (76%) of HR professionals spend an average of 3.5 hours a week working on their daily commute, equating to an additional four weeks of work. What’s more is that 78% of those employees receive no remuneration for unpaid additional work, which per person valued at £2,189 per year. Of those who are remunerated for additional work, 48% see return in their basic salary, with 41% receiving time off in lieu.

huge recruitment newsIn addition, almost two thirds (63%) of HR professionals who worked on their commute felt under pressure to do so, with 21% feeling that they could not keep up with the demands of their role without the completion of extra work. However, 28% of those who completed work whilst commuting were not sure whether the additional work was essential to their role.

The value of the work is questionable, with 69% of employers being aware of additional work, without providing recompense. Speaking exclusively to HR Grapevine about the new study, Simon Bassett, Managing Director at Ortus explains said: As most employers are aware of this activity but do not reward it, we must ask whether the digital age has led to a more blasé attitude about additional work. Just because it isn’t in the office doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable.

Smart technology and the widespread availability of Wi-Fi means that the UK’s workforce is now a mobile one, whose ability to work is far less restricted by geography and contracted hours of work, he stated. This is good news for those who need the flexibility to work remotely, but has also led to an extension of the working day. It seems that for many HR professionals the daily commute is a key time in the schedule for catching up or getting ahead, Bassett added.

Those who work while they travel may feel that a few minutes here and there is part and parcel of the role and will pay off in terms of long term career progression. Even so, we are still talking significant numbers when this time adds up to 168 hours of extra work every year that by and large aren’t paid for, at an unpaid value of £2,189 each. Our research raises important questions about whether this work is in fact necessary, whether it should be limited to ensure employee well-being and if it ought to be rewarded ‚¬€œ and how, he concluded.

Do you work during your commute? Do you feel you should be remunerated for that work if you do? Let us know in the comments below.

Don’t Miss the In-House Recruitment Expo

recruitment conferences 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week see the opening of the In-House Recruitment Expo, a brand new UK exhibition designed for In-House Recruitment leaders and teams responsible for sourcing and recruiting candidates within Corporate and SME businesses.

With over 70 exhibitors, a mix of seminars and workshops led by respected experts, masterclasses hosted by the industry’s brightest minds, and a host of exhibitor presentations and demonstrations, we think it’s fair to say that the In-House Recruitment Expo offers everything you need to make informed decisions about your sourcing practices and organisational objectives quickly, efficiently and with minimum pressure on your time.

So if you’re looking to network with peers, learn about new products and services that will help you find the best candidates, and pick the brains of some of the industries most brilliant minds than the In-House Recruitment Expo is for you!

All of the following people will be leading Seminars and Masterclass sessions:

  • Lars Schmidt
  • Nick Thompson (SEMINAR SOLD OUT)
  • Julie Johnson
  • Andrew Mountney
  • Jon Milsom
  • Alastair Cartwright
  • Mike Taylor
  • and our own, Johnny Campbell (SEMINAR SOLD OUT)

Some of our Sales Ninjas will be there including Stephen Nesbitt and Graham Campbell, please come and visit us at Stand Number: 132, we’d love to talk to you 😀

Tickets: Entry to the In-House Recruitment Expo is FREE for individuals who register here.


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