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What Type of Social Sharer Are You? - Social Sharing Quiz

The Psychology of Sharing QuizCourtesy of StatPro

It’s fair to say, that not everyone uses social media in quite the same way, and we know (as recruiters in particular) that everyone has different purposes for why and how they share what they share on social media. But based on a recent survey by The New York Times, social sharing individuals can apparently, can be categorised into 6 different types:

The Careerist

Careerists are intelligent individuals who like to network and do so by sharing information they find valuable with their connections primarily on LinkedIn.

Careerists | Social Content Sharing

The Hipster

Hipster’s are young, creative people concerned with everything popular and cutting edge. Their identity, and how others see them is extremely important to them. They will primarily share content through social media and will often shun the use of email.

Hipsters | Social Content Sharing

The Boomerang

Boomerang’s are very clued into the social world around them. They share content to garner a reaction from other online users and feel empowered when being the first to share content on Facebook and Twitter.

Boomerangs | Social Content Sharing

The Connector

Connector’s are creative, thoughtful people with a relaxed frame of mind. They enjoy sharing content that involves making plans with friends and they do so using Facebook and email.

Connectors | Social Content Sharing

The Altruist

Altruists are helpful, reliable, thoughtful and connected people, that usually share links they feel will be of benefit to friends via email.

Altruists | Social Content Sharing

The Selective

Selective’s are resourceful,thoughtful individuals who are careful only to share specific content with specific people. They will usually share informative content and will do so via email.

Altruists | Social Content Sharing

Each of the segments are defined by the emotional motivations of the user, their desired presentation of self, the role of sharing plays in their online life, and the value they place on being the first to share a piece of content or information.

Intrigued as to what type of social sharer you are? Than click the button below and take the quiz to find out!

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