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Video interviews - what the candidates think

Back in April we reviewed the use of Video in recruitment and interviewing in our Weekly Webinar, and saw a great opportunity for businesses to take a very comfortable step forward in to the future by adopting the programmes available through Sonru, ZuzuHire, Ovia and more.
Video interviewing can be used as a pre-screening process or first interview, where the organization sets out a selection of questions (and depending on the programme you use, they can be video response, multiple choice or plain text, or a mixture of all three) and the candidate can respond from their computer. The interviews are then stored online and shared between relevant people in the hiring process who can collectively analyze the responses in their own time and determine who to continue in the selection process.
Sonru, an Irish online video interview start-up, have yesterday issued a white-paper based on candidate feedback after using the Sonru automated video interview from some of their clients. Candidates feel that It’s nice to see a company that isn’t afraid of using the latest technology for something like recruiting. It also found that more respondents would prefer a video interview (automated and live) to a face-to-face interview, and three times as many respondents would prefer an automated video interview to a telephone-screening interview.
With such promising feedback, and the fact that online interviews are extraordinarily easy to conduct and measure, we must ask why more companies aren’t using such programmes. Their benefits include:
  • Showing your potential new hires just how forward-thinking your company is by using such up-to-date technology
  • Being able to brand the interview with your firm’s colours, logos and write the questions yourself, inserting specific company values and characteristics that are unique to your interview process
  • Save huge amounts of time by avoiding scheduling first-round interviews with a large candidate-base, and properly pre-screen candidates better than using telephone interviews.
  • Allow collaboration and conferring between hiring managers as the interviews are stored online and can be shared securely amongst each other so that you can properly determine who to bring forward for a face-to-face interview.
Some of you may have reservations about using such new-fangled technology but don’t fret. Your candidates have the computing power and hardware required to participate in such interviews at their disposal (practically all laptop computers sold over the last 3 years come with an inbuilt camera as standard, and should they not have a computer at home – highly unlikely in this day and age – every local library and internet cafe have broadband and cameras on their PC’s). Your organization has the technology needed already too: computers, people who can comfortably use computers, internet access and an open mind.
Give it a try and see what you think! Or, if you’ve used online video-interviews in your company already, tell us your views in the comments.
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