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How to: Instantly Create your own Infographics Using is a brilliant tool for sharing and exploring Infographics (ie, visually pleasing statistics), and now you can create your own infographics in about 3 minutes using their create tool.

At the moment (desperately looking forward to the day they do!), there’s no option to input a load of facts and figures and would graphically represent them, BUT, if you’re looking to represent a monthly snapshot of your company’s Facebook page, or a hashtag that you started on Twitter, then this is a fab tool for doing just that.

All you have to do is:

– 1 Sign up to (completely free, takes about 20 seconds)

– 2 Click on Create when you’re at the Home page

Enter a Hashtag for to infographic for you– Choose a theme – do you want to show the Life of a Hashtag, or a cross-comparison of two Twitter handles? What about the Facebook social life of your Brand page?

– Enter your details to these Social Networks by signing in to Twitter or Facebook as required

– Wait for around 30-60 seconds while it creates your infographic, and Download it or embed it when it’s finished!


Now, that was simple! Look what has created for Social Talent! We’re off to share them on Pinterest!



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