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Please Teach Us How to Learn Again


the importance of learning

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Schoolbags, pencils, squashed sandwiches, changing into runners for break-time, painted hands, books with large pictures and few words (this order will reverse as you grow older), afternoons of arts and crafts, stories, stickiness. No choice in what you learnt but it didn’t really matter because you don’t know that you don’t know anything.
Learn as you go is a rule that applies to everyone- It’s so natural, it seems strange to call it a rule.


Early mornings, rushed homework on the bus, playgrounds divided by social status, longer classes, pointless information (you know you won’t use algebra again), exam stress, results, measuring your success against friends… and enemies. University choices and exam results not matching up, choices becoming limited, choose what you’re good at or what you enjoy? Weighing up present tense joy or future income?
You can still learn as you go but some people seem to be learning faster than others.


Commute, strangers’ yawn, open laptops, furious typing, lazy scrolling, endless Google searching, surely there’s a process for this? What do I need to do this job better? Maybe a course? Will that help me move up? Back to work, can’t spare the money for evening classes right now. Or the time. Company strategy session, conference rooms, stale sandwiches, tea that tastes like bad coffee, coffee that tastes like worse coffee. Hired speaker, handouts, focus groups, thinking of all the work that’s not happening upstairs. Clocks ticking slower than normal. Maybe some useful information? All forgotten instantly.
Learn or go. Nothing in between.

Ugh, that’s a bit too familiar
Which one sticks with you the most?

When did we forget how to learn?

Learning means something different at each stage of our lives.

As we progressed through school it became obvious that successful results depended on successful learning habits.We began to tie it directly to success in terms of school results, we learnt how to measure the output of learning. This has followed us through to our professional lives. But now, we have more than pride at stake by producing poor results.
In the professional world, our actions tie in with other people, teams and departments that all contribute to the bottom line of a company.

And so we developed a broken attitude to learning. Couple this with the constant battle for a work-life balance and you’re left with a workforce that is eager to progress but uninspired to learn.

Learning = time away from your desk and “real work”.

How companies are tackling this problem

The introduction of learning and development initiatives were born out of companies desperate to improve learning opportunities and upskill their current workforce.

Deloitte Human Capital Trends newest research shows that “reinventing careers and learning” is now the #2 issue in businesses. If there’s one thing that remained constant throughout our evolving relationship with education it’s that learning is the key to progress. 

For companies, it can be a difficult balance. Positively disrupt and employees thought process without negatively disrupting their work process.

The key to this lies in the simple principle of agile learning. 

The workforce is ready

In our 2017 Global Recruiting Surveywe asked recruiters how they learn when they have such a demanding workload to maintain.

Online learning proved to be the most popular for sustained learning (77%) while plenty of recruiters picked up tips from social media sources (71%). Remember, modern recruiters enjoy learning!

Classroom-based learning polled the lowest at 16%. This marks the undeniable shift towards e-learning and a move away from the laborious traditional meaning of learning that costs time and money when you have a full-time job.

Online learning, social media and ebooks and webinars have several things in common that make them the most desirable learning sources.

Easy access

These resources can be accessed at any time if you have a computer or smartphone. While some online courses provide live training or attendance sheets many function within a broad time frame that lets you work to your own schedule as long as you meet deadlines.

Webinars and e-books are free resources and you can pick and choose the best ones for you and your needs. Bookmark links

Current content

These resources are often the most up-to-date and current information available. Because classroom teaching is no longer scaleable in the professional world, content can be recorded and shared quickly across different platforms.

While not all sources produce content of the highest quality it is easier than ever to find the information you need no matter what your budget.

Natural consumption

This is the most important factor. We can consume all of this magical content while we work. Taking a 15-minute break to watch a webinar or a tutorial could save you time in the long run as you learn a new skill.

With online based learning there is less disruption to your workflow as you can learn on the go. This is what makes this learning so effective, you can start implementing your new skills as you work.

This is the most natural way to learn, to practice and revise. This helps learning stick.

The Future

As companies take these three key principles and weave them into an effective learning strategy it’s been heartening to see the employee’s career advancement at the centre of this progress. Companies who offer employees a clear path in terms of learning and advancement will stand out in the job market.

This investment will lead to higher employee retention rates and will lead to a more creative workforce that feels empowered and dedicated to the future of the business. For more on this, see our recruitment training. Let’s get back to learning on the go. Working and learning is the most productive tandem for impacting productivity and revenue.

It’s clear there’s a valuable lesson to be learnt from focussing on the future of learning

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